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Refill Pack 60

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iYTAL CBD Chewing Gum contains properties that can invigorate your body and soul for a complete holistic experience. 

The Refill Pack 60 contains 60 pellets of gum, each infused with 5mg of our 100% refined and sustainably sourced CBD, which is expertly blended with mint and eucalyptus, providing a long lasting flavour and fresh breath. 

Our chewing gum is vegan friendly, sugar free and contains xylitol to keep your teeth healthy. 

Refill your Gumipod and enjoy your new Pod Bin Cup, which we are giving away FREE with every refill pack purchase (while stocks last)

iYTAL offers on-the-go, rapid release CBD consumption.

This product does not contain THC. 

As with most products results may vary per individual.




Keep out of reach of children.

Consult your GP before consumption if pregnant or breastfeeding.

We constantly test our products to conform with national and international regulations to ensure we are providing a safe food product for our customers. 

This product contains T.H.C <0.001%


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